Owner Counselling

With our autonomous Owner Counselling we give you capable support by realising your Dream House.

We help you plan and check the offered workflow from the beginning to the end of the Project Promoter.

Additional we support you about the conditions in the contract and the working sheets. 

So we help you execute not calculated money or “Bad Surprises”.

You start well suited in the negotiation with the Promoter.

Humidity Counselling

You are owner of a property with problems like moldspots inside.

This might be a first indication for a health risk.

Most of chronic diseases can traced back to moldspots in the living area into the buildings.

Here we can help you with a detailed analysis and we provide you an opportunity to eliminate the risk.

Restoration Counselling

In Restauration Counselling you can count on our experience. We do that since more than 15 years.

We analyse your building exactly from the bottom to the roof.

After Controlling we prepare a detailed plan to restore that the amount and the result are in the best economic relationship.

Building Analysis

To buy a property is the hugest Invest in the lifetime for the most people. We help you to get the best for your money and not having a “Nightmare”

You found your “Dream-House” and want check it with an experienced expert on your side.

At the appointment to view we make a Status Report. Therefore we take measures to check the descriptions of, for Example, the Isolation. With our equipment we can take measures and inspection hidden layers.